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Our History

Dovetail Construction is the realization of a childhood dream among two lifelong friends. Ever since Kevin and Tim met back in kindergarten, the two things they always wanted to do was to live in the mountains, and to build. As adults, both obtained degrees in engineering and construction management, and, for many years, followed their own paths working on major construction projects across the country (Kevin in New York City, and Tim in Boston, Hawaii, Alaska, and Seattle).

Kevin took the first step in chasing that dream, escaping from New York to the mountains of southwest Montana. Whenever they got together to reminisce, talk would always return to building a business together, until finally Tim decided it was time to stop just talking about it, and moved with his wife to Montana — and that's when Dovetail Construction was born.

Over the years, Tim and Kevin have learned many things, but two things they learned way back in kindergarten still provide the foundation of their business today: do what you say you're going to do; and if you do something, do it right.

Learn more about our custom home building process to find out what sets us apart from other home builders in the Gallatin Valley.